About Me

Have you ever wanted to reinvent yourself? What roadblocks in life have caused you to take steps back? Are you never satisfied with who you are? Are you always thinking of what you can achieve? 

My name is Abbi Simons, and these are the questions I have asked myself the last couple of years. 

The best thing about me is being a 34-year-old Christian mom to one human, 2 dogs, and one goldfish; nothing will ever top that. I am a full time graphic designer who is always thinking of what I can achieve. It can be a curse.

My day job is being a technical analyst. I design and program forms for an insurance company. 

The first time I ever thought about design was when I was in my high school tech class. I was introduced to website design and Adobe Photoshop. In college I spent 5 years changing my major, finally setting on graphic design. My first job was designing product catalogs. Months later, I got a job at an insurance company prepressing documents that were sent to print. I have been at this job for 10 years. In my 20’s Towards my late 20’s I started my graphic design business. I went and got my masters in New Media Design from Full Sail University. I wanted to teach college classes in design, so I do that now at Clovis Community College. When I started looking at freelance jobs online, I saw that there was a big need for designers to know social media, website design, and PR. 

I have asked myself, “Why do I always feel the need to push myself to be something more?”  My mother died from cancer when I was 27. She seemed pretty content with her life. I always believed being a Mom was what she enjoyed best. I never have had that ability with being satisfied with where I am at in my career. When I married my husband, we moved around for 10 years working at different churches. We are moving back to Oklahoma City where I am going to pursue my career at my current company. With my degrees I can change where I go with my side company. I can teach more classes in design and work with social media with my PR degree.

You can expect to find content on this site that shows my design skills. These skills include strategic thinking, research, typography, creativity, communication, interactive media, social media, branding, public relations, writing, and much more.

Please visit my Instagram and Facebook for ongoing projects and updates!


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